Sempergreen® Lightweight Sedum Roof System

Minimum order 10m2

This system includes 3 layers:

  • Sedum blanket
  • Lightweight Substrate Roll 40mm
  • Drainage

The Sempergreen® Lightweight sedum green roof system is a unique product, that allows you to create your own green living roof.

Suitable for use on flat roofs from 3º to 15°, the substrate layer is 40mm thick and has excellent water absorption qualities. There are 6 – 8 different species of hardy succulents, each chosen for their ability to absorb and retain water and to thrive in adverse weather conditions.  The sedum blankets in our Lightweight system provide at least 95% plant coverage. Minimum order 10m2.

If you are creating a gravel border around the roof edges, sky lights, lanterns or drainage areas, it is important to add an additional amount of drainage layer to sit beneath the gravel.

Ideal for: Lighter weight roof loading requirements, domestic & commercial buildings, flat roof extensions up to 15°, water attenuation requirements, garden rooms, garages, bike & bin stores.

£44.50ex VAT per m2

Ideal for:

Domestic & Commercial, garden rooms, garages, extensions & garden offices where weight bearing capacity is unknown


This system includes 3 layers: Drainage, Substrate and Sedum vegetation


45-50kg/m2 saturated

Ease of Install:




Saturated Weight

Approx. 45-50kg/m2



Maximum roll length


No. of m2 in a pallet


Pallet Size

130cm x 110cm

Roof Weight Bearing Capacity

Up to 50kg/m2 saturated

Roof Pitch

2 – 15°

The (minimum) maintenance depends on the build-up of the system, we recommend you fertilise twice a year with a long-acting fertiliser.