Sempergreen® Click ‘n’ Go Light Sedumtray System

Minimum order: 10m2 or 47 trays

This system includes 3 layers:

  • Sedum vegetation
  • Substrate
  • Drainage

The Click ‘n’ Go Light is a ready to use, instantly green, lightweight sedum tray.  These trays can go straight onto your roof, easily clicking together to provide immediate green results. The sedum plants within the tray have been chosen specifically over many years of growing experience, to ensure they are able to thrive in the most diverse and unpredictable weather conditions. There are 4.68 trays per m2

Ideal for: Easy to install DIY Kit, lighter weight-loading requirements, bike & bin stores, sheds, garden rooms and flat roof extensions from 0° to 20°. If the roof pitch is over 10° we advise using anti-shear measures, please contact for further information,

Please note: You may require a root barrier layer and protective cover, please get in touch for advice.

£10.40ex VAT per tray

Ideal for:

Sheds, Bike & Bin Stores


This system includes 3 layers: Drainage, Substrate and Sedum vegetation


40-45kg/m2 saturated

Ease of Install:


Weight 0.107526 kg


Dry Weight

Approx. 6.7kg/Tray 31.5kg/m2

Saturated Weight

Approx. 9kg/tray | 42.1kg/m2



Standard Size

37.3cm x 57.3cm

No. of m2 in a pallet


Pallet Size

100cm x 120cm

Roof Pitch

2 – 15°

Roof Weight Bearing Capacity

Up to 95kg/m2 saturated

These click 'n' go Sedumtrays are easy to install and can be bought individually, each tray measures 45.0 x 49.5 cm. The trays click together and can be used on flat and gently sloping roofs with a pitch of up to 15°. To protect the roofing, we recommend placing a protective cover under the trays.

The (minimum) maintenance depends on the build-up of the system, we recommend you fertilize 1-3 times per year with a long-acting fertilizer.