Sedum Nutrition (organic fertiliser) 5KG

When it comes to maintaining the life of your green roof, it’s important to use a fertiliser twice a year. The ideal approach involves some crucial steps. First, ensure that your green roof is free from weeds and any fallen leaves that might hinder it’s growth. Once you’ve cleared the surface, distribute the fertiliser uniformly across the Sedum on your green rooftop, and follow up by watering it generously.

What sets this fertiliser apart is its meticulously designed composition. With a low NPK ratio of 2-1-1, it delivers essential nutrients at a gradual pace, courtesy of the organic materials from which it is derived. But that’s not all; this fertiliser goes above and beyond by incorporating micro-algae, which serve as a valuable source of soil fungi. Additionally, it boasts an array of trace elements that supply vital acids and vitamins to the substrate layer, creating the perfect conditions for a balanced, thriving environment.

This harmonious blend promotes robust root system growth, ensuring that your green roof remains lush and vibrant throughout the year. By keeping to this routine, you’re not only nurturing your green roof but also contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to landscaping.

£51.39ex VAT per kg

Use after weeding and clearing leaves in April and early September
Best applied when rain is expected or water once evenly spread on the Sedum
Use 1kg per 20m2 of Sedum and water thoroughly

Weight 5 kg
Pellet size


Available in buckets


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