Root barrier foil

Root barrier foil is applied as an extra precaution to protect the roof’s waterproofing membrane, and is a must if the roof’s membrane is made of felt.

It is manufactured from hard-wearing moisture-resistant material that will ensure the plant’s roots do not reach the waterproofing membrane.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not to be used as a waterproofing layer.

It is sold by the m2 and is 6m wide, so when adding to your basket, please add how many m2 you require plus any extra required for overlap.

Watch our Installation Videos to see how this product is installed.

£5.88ex VAT per m2

Applied as the first layer, make sure the root barrier foil overlaps by 25-50 cm. Adding a root barrier foil will not make the roof waterproof.



Roll Size

6m x 25m

Product type

Protective Layers