Drainage – Lightweight & Super Lightweight Systems

This lightweight drainage layer for green roofs, is a three-dimensional, lightweight and flexible composite matting, made up of a drainage core of looped polypropylene filaments, which gives it a high water drainage capacity of 0.3l and a Tensile strength of 16kn/m2

The top and bottom sides of the drainage is provided with a non woven filter and separation membrane. The components are thermally bonded together over the entire contact area.

The top non woven filter has an overlap of 10cm on one side of the core. This ensures that the joint is covered when lanes of the drainage are laid adjacent to one another.

Please note when using a gravel border, extra drainage is required to sit beneath the gravel.


£14.05ex VAT per m2

This drainage layer is supplied on a roll of 1.20 by 20 metres (excluding 10cm filter overlap) but will be cut to size depending on order size.

This 20mm thick layer can be applied directly onto the watertight roofing. To avoid damage caused by UV radiation or wind, we advise covering the drainage layer immediately after installation.