Our Story

The Green Roof Company was borne out of a feeling of responsibility and a passion to do something to help mitigate the environmental impact of climate change and the loss of biodiversity in our Towns and Cities.

We decided that by offering cost effective, nature based solutions, we could achieve our goal and help others too. 

We are passionate about turning grey roofs to green and are confident that we provide the best green roof systems, and green roof products on the market.


Why choose The Green Roof Company?

  • The green roof systems we provide are of the highest quality, with over 30 years of sedum growing experience.
  • Upon delivery, our sedum blankets are 95% covered in sedum plants, ensuring you have an instant green roof.
  • We deliver our green roof systems and products all around the UK, with short delivery lead times.
  • Our green products are produced completely free of pesticides and therefore make a positive contribution to the living environment of bees and butterflies.
  • All vegetation for our green roofs is grown according to the FLL guidelines.