Green sedum roofs in London


Enhance the visual appeal of your home or workplace with a living roof. 

Suitable for pitched and flat roofs, refurbishment projects and new build developments alike, our sedum matting gives you the ultimate in versatility. 

Sedum is a hardy succulent, perfect for roof gardens, and creates a biodiverse habitat for bees and other pollinating insects. Our kits arrive with mature plants, giving instant 95% coverage, and meaning there’s no waiting for the flora to grow before it looks great. 

You don’t need green fingers to look after it either. Its durable nature means that it’s low maintenance, the British weather will almost always keep it well-watered, and as the natural vegetation blankets also help to insulate your home, it’s good for the environment too. 

Green roof systems in London

The size of your property doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a garden shed, residential address, or large commercial unit, we can provide you with exactly what you need for a great-looking extensive green roof.

From sedum trays and matting to drainage and substrate layers, we can advise on the different solutions to get the most out of your space. 

Rooftop installation is fairly straightforward, especially on flat roofs, but we can put you in contact with recommended local fitters should you need a hand.

Are green roofs expensive?

While awareness of living roofs in the UK – and especially in London – has increased, misconceptions remain about their cost and range of retrofit options for their construction on existing buildings.   Most don’t need any significant change to a property’s structure, but your roof will need to be watertight. See our FAQ section for much more in-depth information.

We use Sempergreen® sedum and products. They’ve spent the past 25 years at the forefront of the industry, developing products and growing plants for living roofs around the world. The Green Roof Company is the first Sempergreen® accredited supplier in the UK and Ireland. Prices start from just £14 per metre2 for Click ‘n’ Go trays, excluding VAT.

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